Sunday, April 29, 2007

Attack of the fairies!

Photo by Leslie Surel. Do not use without permission.Much to the delight of my young daughter, there seems to be an influx of fairy-related activities in Chelsea, MI this spring. The Garden Mill and Cranesbill Books co-hosted a "Create a Fairy House" workshop in March, and it was so popular that both sessions filled up extremely quickly, with requests continuing to come in long past the big day. We were lucky to have signed up early, and I was thrilled to see the beautiful fairy home my daughter created, with dried flowers, polished stones, and other lovely items from nature.

This weekend, Chelsea had two more fairy events. One was an encore of the Fairy House Workshop, this time held at the Chelsea Center for the Arts. I'll be eager to hear if this will be a regular offering at the CCA. The other was an adorable fairy tea party hosted by the Chelsea Library. Little girls attended the event in their finest dress-up attire to enjoy dainty snacks, a performance by the Youth Dance Theatre ballerinas, and then participated the pinkest parade I have ever seen!

The fairy doors in Ann Arbor are very well known among fairy enthusiasts, and have been reported on NPR, The Washington Post, and others. (Just Google "fairy door Ann Arbor" to find more). I wonder if any places in Chelsea will follow suit?


jonathan said...

I would think that it is very likely that the Ann Arbor urban fairies would migrate to Chelsea. One deterant is that the prevailing winds blow easterly. However, with the discovery of "grillin'" and the invention of the Cumooter... flight limitations are minimized. On the other hand, the cumooter would require about 10,000 liters of Vernors (and a few months) to get to Chelsea from Ann Arbor. (perhaps less if the Mentos Ober-thruster were engaged). hmmm

jonathan said...


You and/or your daughter might be interested in some of the Ann Arbor Fairy events coming up this May:

Leslie said...

I think fueled by Vernors and Mentos, the urban fairies could get just about anywhere. LOL. Perhaps all Chelsea needs is a "How to Build a Fairy Door" instruction sheet to get started. :)

Thanks for the events list. Sounds fun! The great thing about having children is that it gives self-conscious adults "permission" to do whimsical things like finding fairy doors, seeing rated G movies at the theater, squishing your toes in the mud, and all that good kid stuff.

jonathan said...

Fairies don't need no stinkin' instructions.

We need "permission"?

Ruh Roh.

Mazenbloo said...

Now that's something I'd pay money for. Vernors and Mentos scooter fairies. :D