Saturday, April 28, 2007

Things To Blog in Chelsea

Photo of Chelsea Clocktower by Leslie Surel, 2006. Do not use without permission.It's a new blog! This is a spin-off of the Things To Do In Chelsea website, as well as my personal blog relating to things going on around Chelsea, Michigan.

The Things To Do In Chelsea website has been going strong since 2005, and I strive to keep it very "on topic" so it can be a fairly unbiased online resource for the community. But sometimes I have the urge to say things like "Hey cool! A new store on Main Street!" or "I took a really fun class last night". The main site isn't really the place for my own chit chat, so I create this blog instead.

Also, this will be a place where I can talk about site updates. For example, right now I'm knee-deep in making huge improvements to the functionality of the events listing on the site, as well as giving it a real home on the web instead of being hosted on my Surelutions business site. Soon you'll be able to submit events using an online form, and it will be very quickly added to the site. It will reduce a 10 step process down to 2 steps. It's an exciting opportunity, and also a little scary because it's going to cost me some real money to do it. Stay tuned!

If you found this blog while searching for information about Chelsea, Michigan, you'll find tons of information by going straight to the source: If you have events or listings to add to the site, please email me.

This blog is still brand new, but as more information is added to it, feel free to comment!

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