Sunday, May 6, 2007

Chelsea Dollar Store Closing

Speaking of coffee, I went to Bear Claw Coffee this morning and noticed that the Chelsea Dollar Store on Old US-12 is having a closeout sale. I'm sad to see them going out of business. I always bought our balloons and birthday party supplies from their store, even though the other dollar store (on Main St.) is closer to my house, because I wanted to try and support the underdog. The Main St. store is also a nice store, and they certainly have the location advantage.

The Chelsea Dollar Store always had a great selection and a very friendly staff, and I'm sorry that my twice a year balloon purchases probably didn't help very much. Best of luck to the owners in whatever they choose to pursue in the future.


Mazenbloo said...

That's too bad. Sorry to see the business closing over there. :(

Sara said...

I am very sad to see it go too. That plaza is fairly close to my is where I get my balloons too!

The pet supply store Animal Luvers was also in that strip and went out of business a month of so ago.

I talked to the people at the Dollar Store (I'm nosey), and it sounds like the issue is more with building management than the economy, which is good to hear.

The lady I talked to said that it is *possible* that they will re-open in another location.