Thursday, May 17, 2007

Garage Sale Finder

Today I added a new tool to the Things To Do In Chelsea website. It's a Garage Sale Finder. The feature was requested by one of my readers who said she wished there was a good way to plan out her garage sale route in Chelsea. If you enjoy neighborhood garage sales, I invite you to check out this new feature on the site.

Personally, I love shopping garage sales. But even though I have too much clutter at home, I still can't pass up a bargain. The little voice in my head convinces me every time... "But, it's only $2!" So, I happily make my purchase, and bring it home. My new found treasure then sits in the bag for 2 weeks, coming out briefly so I can brag to my husband, "Look what I got! It was only $2!" Over the next few weeks, I bring it out every so often in an attempt to find a good place for it. Another couple months go by, and at some point my treasure has been demoted to clutter. I freecycle the item and feel proud that I'm doing such a good job decluttering. Then the little voice in my head says, "Hey, you just paid $2 to freecycle something? What's wrong with you?" Hey......

So, let me know what you think, and how well this Chelsea Garage Sale Finder tool works for you. It's still very new, so if you notice any kinks that need to be worked on, just let me know. [Email link is on my About Me page]

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