Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Saving money in the summer months

This was our first "real" summer day of the season in Chelsea, Michigan, with a high of 87. My son and I went out on the back deck to water our flowers, and I got to thinking about how our utilities flip flop this time of year. Our gas bill goes way down and our water and electricity bills go up. I guess we're fortunate that the grand total stays pretty steady, but I know there are steps we can take to do better.

A neighbor of mine told me that where they used to live, there are city ordinances for when you could water your lawns. He wasn't aware that there are water ordinances in Chelsea, too. After sharing the link to the City of Chelsea website, I thought I'd do my civic duty and mention it here on my blog, too. The details can be found here: City of Chelsea Water Ordinance

During the summer, it really pays off to turn the A/C just one or two notches warmer, turn off the lights in rooms you aren't actually using, and to be frugal when watering the lawn. Our earth will be better for it, and so will your checkbook.

Want to learn more? These links have some great tips, and also provide a multitude of other resources to explore:

How To Save $$$ Now - Tips for ways to save money and energy, including driving slower, turning off your computer and trimming your utility bills.

Water Savers: 50 Ways to Live with Less - article from Consumer Reports provides tips and facts about how making small changes like taking a shorter shower, running your dishwasher when full, and mulching your gardens can make a big difference.

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