Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The last t-ball game of the season

With mixed emotions, my son is playing his last game of t-ball this evening. He is sad that t-ball is over, but happy that coach (aka Daddy) is buying ice cream at Twisters after the game.

This six-week team sport is for ages 3-4, and is run through Chelsea Recreation. They do a great job over there at Chelsea Rec, and I am continually impressed with how smoothly that place is run.

This is the third year my husband has coached t-ball, so he is one of the veterans by now. When asked what it is like coaching 3 and 4 year olds, he explains, "It's a lot like herding cats." To bring someone like him with decades of experience playing and coaching ball, into a team of preschoolers and game rules like "no outs, no score, and everyone hits" is somewhat amusing, to say the least.

My favorite moments? When the kid on second base thinks he's playing the outfield, and goes to chase the ball instead of running to third. I think I'm going to miss t-ball, too.

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