Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Taxes are going up again

I don't usually like to see Chelsea get a big headline in the Ann Arbor News. More often than not, it's not good. There is plenty of good stuff happening in Chelsea, but perhaps it's just not all that interesting to the rest of the region. (I wonder if the Timber Town renovation reaches the A2 News?)

So, this morning I get on the computer to read my local news feeds, and see "Chelsea raises millage rate for 2nd year in a row". The full article is not yet available, but there are some details printed.

Our taxes certainly help pay for very important needs and services, but with so many folks in the community getting hit hard by the Pfizer closing, the auto industry "re-structuring" and the rest, it's difficult to feel that much more strain on our household budgets.

I'll post links to the full articles when they are printed.


Mazenbloo said...

Ya know. For such a small 'community' we sure pay a BUTTLOAD of taxes here. *sigh* At what point is it enough? At what point do families because unable to 'live' here because of the high taxes. How can Chelsea continue to draw people in to live here if their taxes keep going up EVERY YEAR.

Leslie said...

I don't have any point of reference, because this is the first place we have ever owned a home. I just keep counting our blessings because we don't pay "Ann Arbor taxes". But perhaps other communities are glad they aren't paying OUR taxes. It's all relative!

Mazenbloo said...

Our taxes in some parts are MORE than Ann Arbor taxes I'd bet. Sure, if you're living in downtown Ann Arbor it's stinking high. Chelsea has pretty high taxes for it's size community. We have 4500 people. Ann Arbor has what? 150,000 people?

Leslie said...

Follow up article "Residents Sound Off About Tax Hike" from the June 27, 2007 edition of the Chelsea Standard.

Leslie said...

Link to article mentioned above.