Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Timber Town Restoration Finale

This is the big restoration weekend for Chelsea's much beloved play park and climbing structure, Timber Town. Timber Town was built 10 years ago by the Chelsea community, and once again the Chelsea community is working together at the park to make it make it better, stronger, and safer.

Remember that excessively rainy weekend at the end of May? That was the first big work day at the park. Community members skilled in woodworking, construction, remodeling and other related fields came together to replace hardware, build new structure pieces, fix broken boards, etc. Those brave volunteers faced the POURING down rain to make the equipment structurally sound and safe. I felt vaguely guilty, and very proud of my husband Mike and my friend Bryan, who *I* had volunteered for the job. (Sorry, guys! But thanks!) Their hard work prepared the structure for the next phase of the project, which includes sanding, sealing, weeding, lots and lots of mulch, and more.

Saturday morning, feeling unsure of myself and very unskilled, drove to TimberTown to see what I could do to help. I found LOTS to do, and it was fun to help. I spent a few hours sanding railings and pulling weeds. Had to leave in the early afternoon to take my daughter to a birthday party, and wished I could have stayed longer. I actually had fun! (Why isn't pulling weeds in my own yard any fun?)

Be sure to visit TimberTown for their grand re-opening celebration starting at 5:00 on Sunday, 6/10. If you come early enough, you may be asked to pitch in and help. :-)

For directions and to learn more, visit the Timber Town Feature page on the Things To Do In Chelsea website.

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