Thursday, July 12, 2007

New citizens group forms in Chelsea

In response to the ever increasing taxes in Chelsea, a new citizens group has recently been formed. I read about this today on, and will be eager to learn more about the group and their activities and progress.

On the Chelsea Citizens for Accountability website, the group is described as follows:
A non-partisan, grassroots organization to restore accountability and equitable tax structure to the City of Chelsea, Michigan.
Who are we? A gathering of Chelsea residents who believe the time has come for better accountability and higher efficiency in City government. We believe a properly run City would not require additional tax revenues. We also believe an excessive tax burden will damage our community.
Source: Citizen Group Forms After Chelsea Increases Taxes (Ann Arbor News, July 12, 2007)

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Rod said...

Hi Leslie:

Thanks for the mention. Hope you can make it to the CCFA meeting on Monday at McKune(6:30 start). We hope to answer all questions then and discuss where we want to go as a community. More information at our web site,