Thursday, July 5, 2007

Research Study Proves the Obvious

Found this story in the Ann Arbor News this week:

U-M study says video games interfere with homework

The article states, "Of the nearly 1,500 children ages 10 to 19 who were studied, 36 percent played video games. ... During the study, participants were asked to keep diaries on how they spent their time for 24 hours on one weekday and one weekend day."

Ok, perhaps I'm a bit too skeptical because of my education and experience in research and statistics. But I venture to guess that you could prove just about *anything* based on asking people to journal one week day and one weekend day. Choose the right day and you could determine that I am an avid exerciser and health nut. Choose the wrong day and you might prove that I don't shower or leave the house.

I'm trying to remain optimistic that the study results were just glossed over for a news byte, and not that countless hours and resources were spent to prove the obvious.

Those research results are almost as riveting and eye opening as the study I read in the New York Times that determined "New Yorkers depressed after 9/11" (NYT, 5/19/02).

Hmmm... really? Ya think?

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Leslie said...

Meanwhile, in other "duh" news:
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