Thursday, September 13, 2007

Is it the small town or is it just a great dentist?

We have family from out of state visiting this week (yes, again!). If I recall correctly, Murphy's Law dictates that certain things only happen when a) it's after hours and b) you are far, far from home, doesn't it? Not being one to break a rule, my mother-in-law had a run-in with a Tootsie Roll last night, which pulled out some dental work.

At this point, it's 6:30 in the evening. I say, "Do you want me to call our dentist to see what you should do?" She says incredulously, "You mean they're OPEN?" I said, "Pretty sure, yeah. They have later hours so people can go after work."

So, I call Chelsea Family Dentistry. They ask questions about which tooth, what has she tried, etc. The receptionist puts me on hold for a minute, then comes back and asks, "Can she come in now?" I myself now incredulous, look at the clock once more and say, "Um, sure! We can be there in 5 minutes."

They gave her a good temporary fix-up that should keep her tooth just dandy until she returns home to her own dentist.

It was one of those little snapshots in time that that made me feel very proud of the people in my home town.

Thanks, you guys!

Chelsea Family Dentistry
Todd A. Napieralski
Brian P. Wisniewski
123 South St.
Chelsea, MI 48118
Phone: 734-475-8500


Sarah said...

The CFD is our family's dentist. I love being able to walk there from my house-- they're literally around the corner. They're so nice there. The dental hygienists always remember me as "the one who got married in Hawaii." (I went to the dentist shortly before I got married in 2004.)

Melody said...

Ditto on all the positive comments about the dentist! Dr. Napieralski is my dentist, too. Aren't we lucky to live in Chelsea?