Sunday, September 30, 2007

Power Tools, Lawn Equipment and More

There is a new business in Chelsea called Turf & Timber. They are located in the Oak Tree Plaza, which is located near the I-94 exit off of Old US 12 -- you'll also find Bearclaw Coffee here. Turf & Timber sells outdoor power equipment and lawn tools such as riding mowers, chain saws and more. Sounds like a perfect new toy store for the husbands in town.

Read more about Turf & Timber in this week's Chelsea Standard:
Turf & Timber Power Equipment
12855 E. Old US 12 [map]
Chelsea, MI 48118
Tel: 734-475-4345
Owners: Phil and Jennifer Tolliver

Oh, and thank you to the owners of this new store for giving me one more reason to not go to a big box store or the mall!


Anonymous said...

Look around Chelsea, There is a lot more reasons than them to not go to a big box store!

Leslie said...

I couldn't agree more!