Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vegetarian Wednesday blog from Chelsea

I am always on the look out for interesting blogs from Chelsea, Michigan. Yesterday's Ann Arbor News led me to a great one called "Vegetarian Wednesday".

As a former vegetarian and someone who strives to eat healthily, I think this is a great idea. Coincidently, I read the article just after finishing my vegetarian dinner of a black bean and corn quesadilla.... on Wednesday no less. Weird! Ok...maybe not so weird. But anyhow, kudos to the Vegetarian Wednesday blog. I'm proud to be your neighbor. :)


Leslie said...

Personally, I think a vegetarian diet can be good for your health. But you have to make good healthy choices, just as with any diet. Just like meat-eaters, vegetarians can make the mistake of eating too many starches, fats and overly processed foods. Conversly, either lifestyle can be healthy if you choose plenty of fruits, vegetable, lean protein and fresh foods.

I think that would be a great question for Josh over at the Vegetarian Wednesday blog as well.

Leslie said...

EDITOR'S NOTE: Comment from user that was deleted above contained a link that was not allowed on this site. Original text is as follows:

Chelsea is a great writer :-)
But I'd like to ask you... do you think the to be a vegetarian is good for health? I don't speak about moral aspects now, just about its real help.

1/19/08 10:53 PM

Chef Erik said...

I've been a veg head for 15 years and never felt better, I try my hardest to cook every meal I consume,I know this sounds corney but you are what you eat and I like to believe I am vibrant and full of life just like my food. I try to post most of my weekly meals on my blog, feel free to try some :)