Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Interesting stats for the Chelsea Blog

I started writing the Chelsea Blog earlier this year, as a spin-off of the Things To Do In Chelsea website. Things To Do In Chelsea ranks very highly for search engines, and I have intentionally set it up to be easy for visitors to find. The Chelsea Blog on the other hand, continues to be an outlet for both personal and community observations, so I haven't done much to "optimize it" for searchability. For this reason, I find it entertaining and educational to pay attention to *how* people find my blog.

So far, the hottest topics (found via web searches) to date include:
These are in no particular order, and are only ranked by my mental notes, not scientific methods.

But I do find it interesting that most of the topics are not Chelsea focused. This probably means that people other than my friends and neighbors are visiting the blog. So perhaps they are stumbling on Things To Do In Chelsea, too(which gets more like 100,000 visits each month). Perhaps they might even venture out to Chelsea for a visit. If so, my dog is quite likely looking out the window and barking at them as they drive right past my house. The Internet makes the world even smaller, doesn't it?

Maybe I'm getting carried away with my assumptions, but then again, maybe not! At this point the blog is getting 300-500 visitors each week, and I'm fairly sure they are not ALL me.... lol


Mazenbloo said...

Don't blame me either. I'm just stalking your blog daily. Sometimes more than once. Eeek.

Not that I miss home or anything.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Site statistics are addicting, aren't they? I am always amused when I see that people have found my site with search terms like "i don't have a touchtone phone." Or "structure of burrill."

Sarah said...

I once had the search term "naked old guy mowing lawn" in my site stats. I still have no idea how that relates to my blog.