Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Will Speak for YOU?

Vote on November 6, 2007
On November 6, it is up to residents of the city of Chelsea to decide who will sit on our City Council for the next 4 years. To help you make your decision, Things To Do In Chelsea is currently featuring a 2007 Voting Guide:
Why Vote?
Most of the big news these days is about presidential candidates for 2008, but I can't think of another voting decision that affects your day-to-day life as much as who sits on your City Council. We choose these folks to represent our own best interests, and make choices about our taxes, our sidewalks, our downtown, our garbage pick up, our water system and many things that we take for granted until something goes amok.

This is the only item on this year's ballot, so take a quick detour to the Washington Street Education Center on Nov. 6, to choose the candidates who will be speaking for you during the next 4 years.

Related News
In related news, this tidbit was in today's Ann Arbor News:

Council to consider budget timetable
The Chelsea City Council will consider something new at its next meeting - a budget preparation calendar for the fiscal year 2008-2009. It would include specific goals, a council retreat and several public hearings. City Manager John Hanifan proposed a timeline for budget deliberations that begins in early December and ends in May with the adoption of a new budget. Included is the distribution of a goal survey to both the City Council and staff in early December, a completed draft in March, budget hearings in April and May and a millage rate adoption in June before the new budget year starts on July 1.
From News staff reports
Ann Arbor News In Brief (Oct. 25, 2007)

P.S. Think you could do better? November 2nd at 4:00 p.m. is the deadline for anyone who is interested in running as a write-in candidate for City Council positions.

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