Thursday, November 22, 2007

After Thanksgiving ... Shop Local!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Surrounded by the smells of Thanksgiving supper cooking, I sat down in front of the computer to wish you all a happy day. I hope each of you find a moment of peace and lots of laughs with company you enjoy. [You don't have to tell anyone if that part happens *after* the guests leave. ;-) ]

After Thanksgiving ... Shop Local!
Before you head out to the mall, or to the super stores, remember to check out some of the great stores we have right here in Chelsea. If you are shopping for relatives out of town and need something shipped, just ask! Some suggestions for gift shopping in Chelsea:
  • Cranesbill Books and Toys - Ever since Cranesbill began selling toys last year, I have not had to drive to Ann Arbor for a single gift-giving occassion. For every birthday and holiday since then, I have found perfect presents for all the kids on my lists. Very often, I've found a book AND a toy that go perfectly together. How about a fairy making doll kit plus a book like "Airy Fairy" for the little girl on your list? Or a magic kit with a fantastic story about wizards and dragons for the boy on your list?

  • The Garden Mill - Not only can you purchase your fresh wreaths and greenery, but you can also find handmade ornaments and decorations at the Garden Mill. You can easily find the perfect present for anyone who loves gardening, feeding birds, or unique decor and hand-crafted items. They have everything from huge wrought iron arbors, to tiny little fairies.

  • Mission Marketplace - If you are tired of the hype and commercialism of the holidays, but can't quite get away from purchasing gifts for family, check out the Mission Marketplace. All the items at this non-profit retail store -- from gourmet coffee to hand-crafted nativity pieces to instruments and textiles -- are fairly traded. This means that they were not made in super sized factories, but were hand crafted by individuals, families and community members from around the world. Not only that, the prices at the Mission Marketplace are *very* affordable. If you like items from Pier One or World Market, try the Mission Marketplace first.

  • Vogel's and Foster's - This department store in Chelsea has been around since 1910. The first time I visited the store, I was suprised to see how big it is and what a great selection of high quality items they carry. It is the perfect place to pick up a great sweater for your Dad, a new piece of jewelry for your sister, a colorful raincoat for your neice or nephew, or a great fitting pair of pants for yourself. And unlike department stores at the mall or big box stores, at Vogel's and Foster's you will be treated with good old fashioned friendly customer service.

All of these stores are locally owned by Chelsea residents. Their time, money and efforts go right back in to the Chelsea community.

There are many more great merchants in Chelsea. What are some of your favorites?

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