Tuesday, November 6, 2007

City of Chelsea election results for City Council

The votes are in for today's election in Chelsea for city council.
  • Incumbant Jason Lindauer will be keeping his council seat for another 4 years.
  • Newcomers Rod Anderson and William Holmberg will fill the other two seats on the council
For details, see election coverage from the Ann Arbor News:

More details
November 7, 2007
Update: And for a bit of drama... a recount!

With a difference of 5 votes between candidates Lindauer and Myles, and the same number of absentee ballot issues, the County Clerk will be checking and double-checking the election results.
The Ann Arbor News article states that if there is a tie, the final result will be determined by pulling a name out of a hat. Wonder if they'd do that at the White House? ;-)


ryan said...

Raw results are available on eWashtenaw as well: http://electionresults.ewashtenaw.org/nov2007/cumulativereport.html

Leslie said...

Thanks Ryan!

I've added the link to my post above, so people can easily click on it.

By my calculations, the totals add up to a bit more than 3300 votes. If each person chose three candidates that means over 1,100 people voted, right? Anyone know how this compares to other years?

Rod Anderson said...

Here are the ballots cast numbers from the county:

2007 1171 (+5?)
2005 568
2003 1246

You will recall that in 2003 we had the cityhood issue on the ballot in addition to competive races for mayor and all six council seats. Seats in 2005 were all unopposed, though there was one write-in. To come close to the 2003 turnout this time around shows the community really got involved, and that's good for Chelsea's future.

Leslie said...

I agree! I'm very glad to see more people (including myself) taking more interest in City Council and issues involving our community's growth.

It has become very clear to me as I've been running the Things To Do In Chelsea website that there is a very fine line as well as an essential relationship between the local businesses, city government, school district, organizations and community members. None of us will succeed without the others also succeeding.

And by the way, congratulations!