Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another unique gift idea... hadn't thought of this one!

I received an email today from the Friends of the McKune Memorial Library (that is the Chelsea Library to most of us), which had a couple great ideas for last-minute gifts. The message is as follows:
This season is a perfect time to remember that you can select a present of an engraved paver brick at McKune Memorial Library, with your name, or commemorating someone else, before the December 31 2007 deadline. This brick campaign has been ongoing, and this order will be processed for bricklaying in Spring 2008, if enough orders are received in time. You can write your name in Chelsea community history or pay tribute to others through this wonderful gift, an important fundraiser for the library.

Get the form to complete at the library. A basic brick at $100., 4"x8", 3 lines, 12 characters per line. You may also order two or more individual bricks. A Builder brick is $500., 8"x8", 6 lines, 12 characters per line. Your gift is tax-deductible. Questions? Call (734) 475-8732, ext 216, for Wendy Smith.
Another very timely and ideal holiday gift is the Friends brand new "Chelsea Cooks! Heritage Cookbook". This unique cookbook includes great recipes along with memorable stories about them, from many local cooks in the Chelsea community. They are available for sale at the library circulation desk, and at the New Chelsea Market, for $10 per copy.
Now in all my shopping local suggestions, I hadn't thought of these things. I have yet to pick up my own copy of the 'Chelsea Cooks!" cookbook (which I reserved a loooong time ago), but I know I submitted a recipe or two. It would in fact make a great last-minute gift for a few people I can think of. I only wish I had thought to include it in the great Michigan gift basket I had made up at the Chelsea Market this week!

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