Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Soup Swap at the Chelsea Center for the Arts

Tonight, the Chelsea Center for the Arts is hosting a Soup Swap. Besides the fact that it is a great way to contribute to the programs at the CCA and make a donation to Faith In Action, it's a cheap "fast food" which means I don't have to cook tonight (yay!).

Here's the scoop (ladle? lol)
Soup Swap - Purchase hot yummy Zou Zou's soup for $3 per serving and a canned soup donation for FIA (I've heard they are requesting NO chicken noodle, but I have no idea why... it's one of the favorites here in our house, so my kids will be glad I'm not giving it away!)

WHAT ELSE? Not only can you get the soup, but you can also purchase beautiful hand-made pottery created by some of the CCA's artists.

Chelsea Center for the Arts (CCA)
400 Congdon Street
Chelsea, MI 48118

Today, Wednesday 1/23 from 3:30 until 6:30 p.m.

More Information:
Event Listing:
CCA Website:
National Soup Swap Blog:


Leslie said...

I attended the soup swap as planned, and was not surprised to see a photographer there. After all, it's a nice community event with a good cause behind it. The photographer took a couple shots of me and the kids, and I naturally assumed it was for the Chelsea Standard. I dutifully looked for the photo today, only to find it online in the Ann Arbor News instead. Here you will find my adorable son, and a glimpse of me in pink:
Swap event benefits Chelsea arts center, charity (Ann Arbor News, 1/24/08)

Sgt. Wolverine said...

I did show up there just after 5:00 to get a few shots for the Standard; hopefully they'll run next week.

Did the photographer not tell you for whom he was shooting? I guess it's not really necessary, but I do try to make a point of saying I'm shooting for the Standard. I do know Lon (he shoots some Chelsea sporting events, too), though, so I know he knows what he's doing.

Leslie said...

We were there much earlier because we came right after school got out. Sorry I missed the chance to meet you in person!

I don't recall him telling me who he was shooting for, but I just figured it was the paper since he asked for our names. Presumably, if it was a CCA person they would have known us (we spend a lot of time there....). The funny thing about that particular photo is that my son was saying "I don't waaaaaaant that kind of soup, Mommy!"