Saturday, March 8, 2008

Celebrating books and wine from Michigan at Mom's Night Out

Thursday night, I attended the first "Mom's Night Out" hosted by Cranesbill Books. The topic was "Women Business Owners in Chelsea". It was an opportunity for moms in the community to ask questions from women who own businesses, and most of all to socialize, meet new people, relax and have fun.

At the event, I had a chance to talk with Sharon Kegerreis, who along with co-author Lorri Hathaway, wrote "From The Vine: Exploring Michigan Wineries." Did you know that this Chelsea mom's book is listed on the 2008 Michigan Most Notable Books list? Did you know that there are Michigan wineries all over the state... in fact, just miles from Chelsea? Oh, and that they are open all year long? Did you know that Michigan's climate is similar to many of the places in Europe that make world renowned wines? Like most people, when discussing Michigan wines, I had always thought of certain grocery store types that were just "ok" but not really anything I'd serve to guests. After sampling some of the Michigan wines and speaking with Sharon, I have a whole new curiosity and appreciation for our wineries and am eager to plan a road trip (*purely for research, I assure you*).

Learn More
  • Purchase a copy of the beautiful and informative book From the Vine: Exploring Michigan Wineries by Sharon Kegerreis and Lorri Hathaway by calling Cranesbill Books in Chelsea at (734) 433-READ. You can have it shipped directly to you, or pick it up at the store and start reading it in one of their comfy chairs upstairs. If you ask nicely, I bet they can even get a signed copy for you. (Yes, it's available from national book sellers, too.)
  • Visit Sharon and Lorri's website and blog about Michigan wines and touring Michigan wineries at
  • Read more about the Michigan Notable Books distinction and see the other 19 recipients for 2008
  • Buy Michigan wines - The New Chelsea Market carries a great selection of Michigan wines that you would be proud to serve to your guests. The owners have even created "Made in Michigan" stickers to make it easy for you.

Even though I was a featured guest at this event and felt a little nervous about it, I had a great time and am very much looking forward to the next Mom's Night Out.

Oh and speaking of wine tasting...
Speaking of wine events, the Common Grill is hosting a Wine Tasting fundraiser on April 21. The proceeds will go toward Chelsea's annual Summerfest event. I attended this event last year and the wine, food and company was outstanding. Tickets will go quickly this time around, so if you would like to attend, please call the Common Grill at (734) 475-0470.

P.S. I know there are few "foodies" that read my blog. You should really check out this book and try some of the recommended Michigan wines!

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