Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day in Chelsea, Michigan

Today is Earth Day. Did you know that? The only reason I did is because my second grader informed me of it this morning, with her never-faltering enthusiasm for any and all holidays. (Hey Mommy! Today is Secretary's Day!)

So far, I have celebrated in style by mailing back my used printer cartridges to HP and sorting my recycle bins. Exciting, huh? All in all, we are pretty good about recycling and saving energy in our house. We make an effort to be environmentally conscious, and are motivated by cost savings. In the Chelsea city limits, residents pay for trash pickup by purchasing orange garbage bags at a cost of $2.50 each. Throwing away as little as possible each week saves us money. With four people and a dog, we use one trash bag per week, with few exceptions. I find this system quite fair — those who have throw away more trash pay more money.

I an also grateful to my frugal husband for his insistence on shutting off lights that aren't needed. I grew up in a house that had lights on in every room after a certain time of day. I thought of it as friendly and welcoming ...still do, honestly. But I didn't pay the bills back then or give much thought to future generations (heck, I *was* the future generation! LOL).

Other "green" initiatives on our part? Unplug things that don't need to be plugged in; switch to lower energy light bulbs as the current ones wear out; and walk or bike instead of driving whenever possible. This is much easier now that both kids can ride a bike!

Chelsea Earth Day Events
Don't worry, if you didn't know today was Earth Day, you have a few days to catch up. Earth Day is being celebrated in Chelsea this weekend with numerous numerous educational and fun events:

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