Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chelsea TreeHouse nominated as Best in Detroit Area

More great press for a locally owned business in Chelsea!
Congratulations to the Chelsea TreeHouse! The TreeHouse is one of the Detroit nominees for Best Indoor Playplace/Partyspace as part of Nickelodeon's ParentsConnect's First Annual Parents' Picks Awards. This came as a very exciting surprise to owner Michele Balaka, who recently called to tell me the news. Michele is a friend of mine, and I also do the TreeHouse website, so we wanted to put up the logo and link so people can vote. In the email she sent me with the links, she summed it up perfectly: “Yeah for the TreeHouse!”
More About the TreeHouse
The TreeHouse opened in December 2006, and very quickly became a very popular destination to bring kids for playdates, birthday parties, tours and any reason at all. Members and visitors come from all over southeastern Michigan and beyond, bringing thousands of families to Chelsea to play at the TreeHouse and explore our town.

In case you aren't familiar with the TreeHouse, it is an indoor playground featuring a huge play structure where kids can climb, swing, crawl, slide. Unlike many other play places I have brought my kids, I myself can comfortably climb up the structure and go down the slides as well. They also serve very good coffee (and I know my coffee), and tasty, freshly made food. They do have the requisite hotdogs, as well as great sandwiches, soups and other "real" food.

Located in the historic Clocktower complex in downtown Chelsea, the interior of the TreeHouse features much of the original architecture and design, with exposed bricks, super high ceilings, a very old bank vault (you'll have to ask the owners about that). It's just a very cool building, and nice place to hang out. They even have private area upstairs for meetings and parties. The TreeHouse is also available for private party sleepovers -- how awesome would that be for older kids and teens?

More About the Award
The ParentsConnect's First Annual Parents' Picks Awards will identify winners in 52 major U.S. cities. Categories include: best kids' museum; best toy store; best playground/park; best green space; and many more. Users can vote for nominees online at http://www.parentsconnect.com/parentspicks until June 30 to help determine which nominees are "top picks" in their city. On July 15, the ParentsConnect.com site will publish the Parents' Picks winners and the winning venues' information will remain featured on the site for a year. All Parents' Picks businesses are nominated based on recommendations from ParentsConnect.com local city editors that live and work in the cities they cover, in conjunction with ParentsConnect users' feedback. Users' votes and rankings ultimately determine which venues are selected as winners in their respective categories.



S said...

I voted! Did you know that the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum is in there as well for Best Museum?

Jeremy said...

I voted. CTH is leading at 81%! Still the treehouse is not only the best kid's place in the area it also beats the pants off of the places in my area out here in California. If only there were a Bay Area Treehouse.

Leslie said...

According to their website, results will be posted on July 15. I'll report back when I find out more!