Monday, June 16, 2008

Got perfectly good stuff you no longer need? Come to the Free4All!

The Chelsea Recycle group is having a FREE4LL at Chelsea's Timber Town Park on Saturday, June 21st from 1-4pm. You will be able to dispose of mega amounts of your unwanted/unneeded treasures all in one big swoop at this FREE4ALL. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and tell your family!! The Chelsea Recycle & Free Exchange group is a online freecycling group founded in 2003 by a Chelsea area resident as part of the freecycle movement. The group is now 100% locally run by the original owner (Kelly) and myself.

This fun "trash-into-treasure" affair features an afternoon of freebie shopping. Attendee's are encouraged to bring their unwanted but usable items to share with one another. Drop off anything you bring at the picnic shelter area. Attendees are welcome to take home all the "new-to-you" loot they can carry (or could reasonably expect to use).

So what exactly is a FREE4ALL? It's a meet-up of freecycling folk who bring their unneeded, unwanted items together, put them onto picnic tables or place larger items around the picnic shelter so others can take what they want. Similar to a swap or yard sale but there is no trading or exchange of money.

Items that can be brought to the FREE4ALL include just about anything that you can CARRY that still has some life left in it. Clothing, coats, office and school supplies, bikes, toys, baby
equipment, books, magazines, videos, music, lamps, linens such as curtains and blankets, exercise equipment, pet supplies, fans, sports equipment, holiday decorations and more. All we ask is that you do not use this as a place to bring broken items that actually *do* belong in the landfills. Please contact a moderator in advance if you question what can be brought.

At the end of the event the Salvation Army truck will arrive and take all leftover items. So feel free to bring enough to share with your community AND fill their truck!

What are you waiting for? Start filling some boxes!!

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