Monday, June 23, 2008

Las Fuentes in Chelsea is now open!

We went downtown for a playdate at the TreeHouse today and were excited to find that Las Fuentes is NOW OPEN! I asked at the TreeHouse if they had been busy over there and was told "They just opened an hour ago!" I was very happy to be one of the first to know. :)

I immediately called my husband and we arranged a dinner date tonight with friends. Las Fuentes was quite busy at dinner time (How did everyone know to go?), so we had to wait a while for a table of eight to become available. However, the weather was so lovely that it was kind of nice to relax in the Clocktower Courtyard while we waited.

The bad news: (a) no liquor license just yet which meant no margaritas (should just be a week or so for that) and (b) our timing coincided with a grill going down, so we had to wait longer than we would have liked for our meal.

The good news: (a) first and foremost... YUM! (b) pleasant ambiance and decor (check out the very cool glass lamps over the booths) (c) good location with plenty of parking, as well as the courtyard (d) staff was very friendly (e) did I mention the food was good?

Still waitin' on that margarita though..... :)


Sarah said...

Oh, FINALLY!!!! We have been waiting for this for, what, almost a year and a half now? But BOOOOO on no liquor license yet! I am very pleased to hear they are open, though!

Mike said...

Our youngest daughter treated my wife and I to dinner there tonight. The food was great. I love how they decorated the place from the tile floors, to the murals on the walls, and to the glass light fixtures and blown glass serving glasses hanging over the bar. It was worth the wait for this restaurant to open and this will be a good addition to the fine dining in Chelsea!

Leslie said...

It must be nice to have a daughter old enough to buy you dinner! My little 7 year old would have to save a lot of allowance to do that. :)

~*~ Alissa ~*~ said...

I ate at Las Fuentes THREE times last week, each at different times of the day, and each time the food was absolutely incredible, some of the best I have had! The salsa and guacamole are, without a doubt, my favorite ever. The first time I had casuelon, then Bistek Mexicano and yesterday the Pollo Yucatan. My dad and I are both picky eaters when it comes to latin food and this was top notch. I will be a regular there!!!

Sara said...

I'm holding out for margaritas!

Leslie said...

Alissa - I agree! I am so happy we have another place to eat here in town. AND another place for carry out on those "lazy" days when we don't want to cook.

But I'm with you, Sara... holding my breath til Margarita time! Maybe they'll get them in time for my birthday in August. :-D