Friday, July 4, 2008

The Big Storm of June 2008

Wednesday night we had an impressive and scary storm in our area. I was working away at the computer, when my 7 year old said "There is lighting outside, Mommy. You might want to shut down." I took a glance outside and said, "Ok. Thanks. I think it will be fine." I saved my files and continued on. Next thing I know.... INSTANT SHUT DOWN due to a power outage. Whoops.

From our front window, the kids and I watched the eerie sky change from gray to green to black. Winds whipped down Main Street, water poured down from the sky... except that it wasn't really "down" because it was more horizontal. After the worst of the storm seemed to have passed and we realized how incredibly dark our house was, we lit candles and had crackers and cheese for dinner. My friend next door came by and said that our neighbor had some remodeling done courtesy of Mother Nature. Their front porch was hit by a falling tree, and it was in shambles.

After we had been without power for a few hours, I must say it was slightly annoying to be sitting in the dark, and seeing the neighbors across the street with full power! Oh well... they are probably on the Chelsea Community Hospital grid, and I'm sure they needed it more than us.

But we made the best of it. Having no TV and no computers, we just sat and talked and giggled about comparing and contrasting weather with bodily functions. (Oh, you thought I was a mature adult? Fooled you! -g-) Power came back on by midnight (Yay to Chelsea Power! Read more about them in this 2005 article on the Chelsea Report), just in time for bed.

The next morning we were awoken bright and early by the sound of chain saws and grinders from Arbor Care Tree Surgeons, who made efficient and tidy work out of cleaning up the downed tree on our neighbor's lawn.


Mazenbloo said...

Wow! That's scary stuff! Those old trees in town sure take a beating from ice storms and thunderstorms don't they? My house didn't fall down did it? Ha!

Leslie said...

It *was* scary! I have since learned that some people outside of town were without power for a good part of the week.

And yes, your house is perfectly in tact. -g-