Monday, July 14, 2008

Manchester Chicken Broil This Week

Wait... for the second time this month I am blogging about an event NOT in Chelsea (fireworks being the first). Well, that's ok. It's the neighborly thing to do, and it is actually one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place.

The 55th Annual Manchester Chicken Broil takes place this week. It will be held on Thursday (7/17) from 4 til 8 p.m. Have you ever been to it? I haven't... yet. It is said to be the largest event of its kind, serving over 12,000 meals in 4 hours. Proceeds raised go to help out the library, parks and other local organizations.

If you'd like to buy tickets here in Chelsea, you can get them at one of these places: Key Bank, Edward Surovell Realtors, Chelsea State Bank (both locations), and TCF Bank. Tickets are $7 in advance and $8 at the gate. For the price, you get a half chicken, coleslaw, bread and drink. I'd say that is a pretty good deal. You can either order it to go, or stay at the park and enjoy your meal outdoors along with some musical entertainment.

Visit for all the details.

And if I want to go really crazy mentioning events outside of Chelsea, I could mention that the Ann Arbor Art Fair is this week as well. But you probably already knew that. :)

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Art Holstein said...

I can remember the Chicken Broil from the times that I worked at it, and also eating my 1/2 chicken. Ludie Klager was the man for Chickens, and the Cole Slaw recipie came from Dr. Jones (a Dentist) in town. It was a great time. I will not be able to make it again this year, but will put it on my Calendar. Have a Great Time. Art Holstein