Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mission Marketplace owner named "Retailer of the Month" ... in Chicago

If you've noticed the news links on the right side of my blog or visited the Chelsea News Tidbits on the Things To Do In Chelsea website, you'll know that I have an RSS feed to search news matching keywords "Chelsea Michigan". From there, I pick relevant articles to share with you. (Have I mentioned how glad I am that Hilary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea are not making news in Michigan much lately?)

Anyhow, this bit of interesting news came across my desk this morning. A Chicago organization called The Chicago Market: Living and Giving has named Kevin Frahm of The Mission Marketplace in downtown Chelsea as the July 2008 Retailer of the Month. There is a feature article about the store and Kevin:
The Chicago Market's Retailer of the Month: JULY 2008

With a passion for a world where there is “enough for everyone” Kevin Frahm, Executive Director, started The Mission Marketplace as a physical manifestation of that vision. By sourcing Fair Trade and Green vendors from around the world The Mission Marketplace has created an inviting store that also invites change. .... [click link below to read more]

Read full article here Retailer of the Month: July 2008 on

The Mission Market Place, has been one of my favorite stores since they first opened in that tiny store near the Clock Tower, to where they are now in the heart of downtown Chelsea. It's nice to see a genuinely nice guy and hard worker get some nice press.


julies whimsies on a rose said...

Barack Obama will be our next President. You should show SOME respect for the first woman in America to have EVER run such a hard-fought race in this country.

Anonymous said...

Wha? She wasn't being disrespectful at all. Her blog mostly is centered around Chelsea MI. Having to sort through RSS feeds that probably come through to find Chelsea MI specific information is probably easier without Hillary in the running now.