Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summerfest this weekend - July 25 and 26

Chelsea's annual summer festival, SummerFest is going on this weekend, July 24 and 25. With young kids, my family has traditionally spent the most time at the Kid Zone which has kids entertainment and activities, bouncy tents and tons more stuff. Last year, the SummerFest art show (ARTicipation) was also placed near Kid Zone, which worked out great for me. While the kids were watching a magic show or bouncing around, I could take a peek at art, jewelry and other cool stuff and still be within eye contact. Those two parts of SummerFest take place down by the Clocktower. And when you head that way, say hi to me! For a lot of the weekend, I will be volunteering at the info booth near the railroad tracks.

Another favorite at SummerFest is all the music. Not only are there free performances throughout the event at various locations, but the food and entertainment tent (aka the beer tent) is a whole lot of fun at the end of the day.

There are lots of details on the SummerFest website (another one of my projects). I also posted a link to my FlickR account in the left hand column of my blog, which has tons of photos from last year.

Busy weekend in Chelsea, isn't it?


Mazenbloo said...

I wanna know if you got release forms for the people in that photograph. Can't you photoshop me out? Blech!

Wish we were there to spend it with you guys! :( *sniffle*

julies whimsies on a rose said...


Leslie said...

Mazenbloo -- LOL! I didn't even know that was you in the photo. Now you can be here in photo and in spirit :)