Sunday, September 21, 2008

Local children's furniture designer featured in national magazine

This week, Olliebabble (a spinoff of - an online store based in Ann Arbor with "cool stuff for kids") mentioned that Cookie Magazine's October issue features hand crafted children's furniture made right here in Chelsea, Michigan by Roebuck Studio. Their whimsical chairs, tables and decor are modern, clever, bright and made by hand. No need to worry about lead paint, shoddy materials, or working conditions on the other side of the world when you buy these products. Just good old fashioned hard work and creative energy from one of our very own neighbors. From their website:
“Our goal is to create beautiful, functional, affordable, and durable furniture in an environmentally responsible way. We are proud to contribute to the Michigan and U.S. economy by manufacturing locally and buying materials from local sources. No one wants to worry about lead paint and other problems with offshore goods. We have complete control over the fabrication process, so we know that only the best and safest products will reach your doorstep.”
It's great to see a local company featured in a national magazine. Good work you guys!

Now... I wonder how one of those little birdy chairs would look in my office?


It would be very cool to feature more of Chelsea's family owned businesses on the Chelsea Blog. If you have any suggestions for other locally owned places, please let me know!

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