Friday, September 12, 2008

Police Briefs...this one hits a little close to home

In this week's Police Briefs in the Chelsea Standard, I found the following blurb (I condensed it for brevity):

Disorderly conduct

Police were called ... at 7 p.m. Aug. 23, where they found a ...woman being combative, loud and belligerent. ... Witnesses said they tried to calm her but she was being threatening and uncooperative, and disrupting other patients. (In case you were worried, the blurb goes on to say that the police eventually drove her home.)

All that I could think of when reading this news brief was that "combative, loud and belligerent" sounds like just about every 2-5 year old child that I know. Fortunately, most situations with people of the younger variety don't involve calling the police. Though I did wonder at times when my children had tantrums in the grocery store or mall if someone was going to "intervene". I guess you have to be a grown up having a tantrum in public to get that kind of special treatment.


julies whimsies on a rose said...

I commented on this post a few days ago. It was apparently not "approved". I think that this incident might have been taken out of context. Where did this incident take place? At a hospital? It sounds to me like this person might have been mentally ill. To assume that this individual was having a "tantrum" is a big assumption. Very few people understand the nature of mental illness and the forms it can take. The Chelsea Police understand the difference...usually. To make comments about an unsubstantiated case is not proper. The mentally ill have enough on their plates. Please print this, and allow an open discussion of this issue.

Leslie said...

I took the news brief out of context deliberately because I was attempting to make a humorous comment about children and parenting. My apologies if you found it otherwise. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

julies whimsies on a rose said...

Thank you, Leslie. I believe I understand now.