Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watch for Chelsea and other Michigan cities on Thursday's Today Show

The Today Show is highlighting the coming election's "Battleground States" this week. As part of this series, they are visiting various places in Michigan, including Chelsea. I first heard this news from an email from Nancy Paul, director of Chelsea's Faith In Action:
Following the 9/6/2008 publishing of an article in the Washington Post, written by Ann Arbor writer Vickie Elmer, in which Faith in Action was mentioned, we received a call late Tuesday from the Today Show staff (NBC-Ann Curry). As part of their series on the "Battleground States" for the November election, they want to come to small town Michigan, i.e. Chelsea, to talk about the troubled economy. And they want to come to Faith in Action.

They will be here to conduct some interviews and film around. I believe they will also film downtown, talk with the mayor, maybe Jiffy folks, etc., after talking to some auto workers in the Detroit area, to give the story the angle that the state's woes have filtered down even into the small communities.

Although our initial reaction was that there are probably harder hit communities in Michigan than Chelsea, we thought that any attention to our issues and the needs of the population we serve would be good, and we prayerfully hope that this is what will come through.
Nancy emailed the day after the filming with this update:
The filming was pretty straightforward--a local staff person asked the questions and the NY people will re-ask the question on the actual show. It's my impression that you get the "impression" of a live interview. It will be shown Thursday, 9/25, and will include many other stops/interviews from around the state.
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Leslie said...

I was busy with getting kids ready for school and volunteer activities, so wasn't able to watch the entire show this morning. Did anyone watch and see if the Chelsea segment was aired?