Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chelsea businesses moving in and around town

There are a lot of businesses moving in, out and around in Chelsea. Some of the news is not so new, but the moves themselves have either only recently happened or are still pending. Please note that I haven't personally verified all of these news tidbits, so take my updates as community chit-chat rather than hard news. :) Here is a summary of the ones I'm aware of:
  • Chelsea's Post Office will be moving to the space formerly occupied by Polly's. This building, located at the corner of Main and Old US-12 has been vacant for quite some time. It was hoped that the move would take place before the holiday season, but that remains to be seen. [Read story: Chelsea Post Office will move, Ann Arbor News]
  • Scrapbook Memories will be moving in to the other half of the old Polly's location. This move will bring them from one side of the strip mall to the other. The owner describes the move in her online newsletter as a smaller space, but improved store. [Read more: Scrapbook Memories newsletter]
  • It is rumored that the Chelsea Pharmacy will be moving to the space that Scrapbook Memories is vacating, but I have not been able to verify whether this is a fact or not. Interestingly, this space was originally set up to be a pharmacy/store and was occupied by Rite Aid (?) Arbor Drugs some years ago.
  • Fabulous Finds, a resale clothing store located upstairs from the Chelsea Market, is moving to Saline. Too bad for us! I'll be sorry to see them go. [Read story: Fabulous Finds leaving Chelsea for Saline, Chelsea Standard]
  • The New Chelsea Market continues to work on expanding their store to occupy the space next door, which was formerly occupied by the Chelsea Gallery which moved to a larger location a few doors down. [Verified by casual chat with the owners]
  • The new party store is now open in the Oak Tree Plaza, near Bearclaw Coffee. My husband is from the East Coast, and he would call this a package store. I'm told they sell beer, wine, liquor and convenience grocery items. Have yet to stop by myself, but it is a handy location to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home from work if you use the Fletcher Rd/Old US 12 exit off I-94.
  • Also new to the Oak Tree Plaza is Bill Ballagh State Farm Insurance, who recently moved from their iconic location at Main/Middle.
  • The Potting Shed is moving from their current location on Middle St., to a new location literally across the street where the Chelsea Collection was located.
  • The Chelsea Collection antiques stores is moving to a new location on Sibley Rd, next door to the Tree of Life Studio, not far from Timber Town Park.
Please let know if any of this information needs updating -- or if you know of other news in and around town that you'd like to share with Chelsea Blog readers. You can comment below or email me at if you'd prefer.


Sgt. Wolverine said...

The former Scrapbook Memories space started life as an Arbor Drugs; it changed to CVS, which then moved to the space it now occupies. Having Chelsea Pharmacy move there really would take it full circle.

Leslie said...

Ah yes... Arbor Drugs. I knew it was one of the assimilated chain stores. Thanks for the correction!

Mazenbloo said...

I'm not going to recognize the place when we come back to visit next month!

Sarah said...

I'm SO bummed that the consignment shop is moving! I have been a customer there for a couple of years both as a consignor as well as a buyer. That's the only place I buy jeans any more! Well, luckily my workplace in south Ann Arbor is only about a 10-minute drive down State St. to Saline.

Anonymous said...

Has the Chelsea Collection gone out of business? Please let me know at,
And thanks!