Thursday, March 5, 2009

I "heart" Michigan, too

As we near the end of winter (speaking optimistically here!) and as spring break approaches, a lot of us are feeling the urge to get out and DO something. What about staying right here in Michigan and exploring some of reasons tourism is such a big industry in our state?

On my "to do" list this year is to explore a Michigan wineries or two. Might be a good excuse to drop the kids off at Grammie's house, and have a mini-getaway with my hubbie.

Sound fun? Check out - Exploring Michigan Wineries. This website and book are written by Michigan authors Sharon Kegerreis (from Chelsea) and Lorri Hathaway (from E. Lansing). It is available at Cranesbill Books, on the website and at your local bookseller.

If you'd like to just stay home and drink Michigan wines, the New Chelsea Market has a recently expanded --and pretty awesome-- selection of Michigan products, and great wines from other parts of the world as well. And being a small town, if you go in there and ask them to help you find a wine "from that book about Michigan wines".... they'll actually know what you are talking about! (First hand experience from when I was choosing a wine to go with the signed copy of the book for a cool Michigan gift)

Want to learn more from the authors themselves? Visit Chelsea District Library on Thursday, March 26, 2009 for From the Vine: Exploring Michigan Wines - a presentation and book signing. For a full list of the authors events, see the Upcoming Events page on

We had a wonderful vacation in East Tawas last summer. Any plans to travel in and around Michigan this travel season?

Also of interest from the Chelsea Blog archives: "Must See" Things To Do in Michigan (Aug. 2007)


Susan @ Chamber said...

Hey Leslie:

Make your first stop at Sandhill Crane Vineyards on Walz rd. in Jackson (north of I-94 at Sargent rd. exit). The joined the Chelsea Chamber of Commerce last fall after a lovely Bus. after Hours at the Waterloo Farm Museum where they had a wine tasting. In October they have a weekend event of wine tasting and sandhill crane (and whooping crane) watching. The Haehnle Bird Sanctuary is 5 miles north of the Vineyard

Leslie said...

That sounds fantastic, Susan. Thanks for the suggestion! And it's close to us, so it wouldn't even take too much planning or driving time. Probably an excellent day trip when family comes to visit.