Monday, October 26, 2009

Congratulations to Chelsea's 2009 Citizens of the Year!

2009 Citizen of the Year - Congratulations to Nancy Harris who was recently awarded Chelsea's "2009 Citizen of the Year". The annual award is co-sponsored by the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce and the Chelsea Standard. Nancy is an active community volunteer, and founder of the Hearts Community Service which has recently opened the Bliss Resale shop in downtown Chelsea.

2009 Lifetime Achievement Awards - The Lifetime Achievement Awards went to Will Johnson and Bill Chandler, both of whom have been volunteering, mentoring and leading Chelsea area organizations for many years.

For the full story, see Chelsea Chamber, Standard honor residents for community service (Chelsea Standard, 10/14/09)

A banquet to honor the Citizens of the Year will be held on the evening of December 16 at the Chelsea Comfort Inn. Tickets are $35 and all are invited to attend. Contact the Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce at or (734) 475-1145 for details.

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