Saturday, October 31, 2009

ON THE WEB: Chelsea maintains small town charm while developing as a Midwestern arts center

The small town city of Chelsea was recently highlighted on the "Midwest Guest... Mostly Midwestern Meanderings" blog. Read the full article here:

"Chelsea, Michigan, maintains small-town charm while developing as a Midwestern arts center"

The article discusses the history of Chelsea, the Daniels family, Jiffy, and many of the old and interesting buildings in our downtown.

Thanks for the informative post, Midwest Guest!


Dominique said...

Thanks for mentioning my story here. I enjoyed visiting Chelsea, and I love researching the history of places I visit.
Those photos came from a geocaching trip. Lots of great caches hidden around town.

Leslie said...

You're welcome! It was fun to run across your article on Chelsea and browse some of the other adventures you've written about. Hope you come visit our little corner of the world again soon. :)