Friday, February 18, 2011

Whether you live nearby or are visiting from afar: Jiffy Tours in Chelsea, Michigan

Most everyone who has heard of Chelsea, Michigan instantly thinks of the iconic Jiffy Mix. Folks come from near and far to tour Jiffy (aka Chelsea Milling Co.), which represents Chelsea's historic past and our modern day success as a vibrant community in small town America.

If you haven't been to Jiffy lately (or ever!) be sure to read this recent article from the Chelsea Standard about Jiffy's new tour facility, and to hear from Chelsea Milling Co's president, Howdy Holmes:

Jiffy Mix company adds research and development, new public tour (Chelsea Standard, 2/18/11)

Did you know? 
  • Mabel Holmes invented Jiffy Mix in 1930 to be "so simple even a man can do it" (there weren't many Emeril Lagasse's or Bobby Flay's back then...)
  • President Howdy Holmes is a former race car driver, and competed in the Indy 500 numerous time. He was practically our own Lightning McQueen! [Read more: Howdy Holmes: Q&A with Chelsea, Michigan’s greatest contribution to the Indy 500]
  • Jiffy's success is based on generations of word-of-mouth sales (little to zero marketing!).

Quick links
  • Jiffy Tours
  • CNNMoney article about Jiffy (from 2001, but still worth sharing): "Chelsea Milling has beaten its competition - the Pillsbury Dough Boy and Betty Crocker never laid a whisk on'em - and plans to stay on top with two parts aw-shucks family business and one part professional management." [read more]

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