Monday, June 25, 2007

Become a Part of Chelsea's Heritage

As part of Chelsea's Key Ingredients exhibition at the McKune Memorial Library, the community is being asked to submit favorite recipes for a heritage cookbook. Submit your recipes by July 1, using this form (PDF link). They would love it if you share a bit about the recipe, whether it has a significant meaning to your family, or how you came across it. The project is being organized by the Friends of Library.

This is the kind of community project that literally goes down in history. I can imagine in 80 years, some young family moves into one of Chelsea's historic homes like mine. They are curious about the home's history, and go to the library to do some reserach. Somehow or another, they come across this Heritage Cookbook from 2007, and get a kick out of all these "old fashioned" recipes from local residents in the 'olden days'. It makes me laugh to think about it, because I have been touched and amused to read commemorative books, such as "Chelsea's First 150 Years: 1834-1984," while researching the history of Chelsea.

Both my husband and I love to cook, so we will be submitting recipes for posterity. I think mine will be either "Nana's Baked Beans" or "Leslie's Banana Bread" (recipes and stories to follow....)

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