Friday, July 18, 2008

New babies at the house

We have newborn twins at our house. What!? Nooooooo....... don't look at me! Think I'd have time for blogging if that were the case? Thankfully, someone besides me is responsible for taking care of these babies.

Our new babies are birds. A mother robin has made herself at home in one of the hanging baskets on our front porch. A month or so ago, I had been wondering why half the flowers in my hanging basket were not growing, and peeked in there to find a nest. Wasn't sure if it belonged to anyone, but I knew it must be recently added because those baskets were only just hung up on Mother's Day. So I have been very carefully watering the non-nest side of my flowers since then.

A couple weeks later, I glanced over to the basket when I was headed out the front door and was startled to see a new face:

The kids and I were happy and excited to see new life unfold before our eyes. We keep checking out the front window for when Mama Bird grabs a lunch break so we can go out and peek in the nest and snap a photo.

As you might guess... this is what we found next (below):

A few days later.... babies! My 7 year old said, "Awww... cute! No wait. They look weird!" (below):

Another day or two later, they are still looking very strange and alien-like (below):

The NEXT day I took the following photo. They look a little like Muppets to me:

By the NEXT day, they have nearly doubled in size. Mama Bird is gone a lot. It must take extraordinary work to feed babies that grow this fast. They are almost cute now, and starting to look more like birds than the prehistoric creatures that were their ancestors (photo below was taken today):

If I take too long with the photos, I get an angry Mama Bird squawking at me from the nearby tree:

Sometimes the little things in life are the most fun. I find it comforting to be reminded that life is not all about gas prices, politics, and credit card bills.

I'll keep adding photos as I take them, so check back if you're interested in the progress! :) Here is the permalink to this page:


Sarah said...

We have a robin nest in the tree next to our house; unfortunately it is nowhere near as accessible as yours for viewing and photo ops!

What I am enjoying, however, are the ruby-throated hummingbirds who have been coming to my feeder which I have installed just outside my kitchen window. They are so much fun to watch!

Leslie said...

Yes, I'm loving being able to peek in on them. :)

Hummingbirds? How neat! Bet those would be hard to get a good picture of! Have you ever tried?

julies whimsies on a rose said... lovely for you! Wonderful photos!