Friday, November 7, 2008

MORE Chelsea businesses moving in and around town

In addition to the updates and moves mentioned in my previous post, here are more news tidbits regarding Chelsea businesses moving around:
  • Accountant Susan Jacobs, CPA, recently announced that she will be moving at the end of November from the Sylvan Offices (upstairs from Scooples) to the previously mentioned iconic office formerly occupied by Bill Ballagh's State Farm Agency. I'm very glad that a Chelsea business will be filling this spot so quickly. It would be a shame if it sat empty. [Source: letter from Sue Jacob's office].
  • Aberdeen Bike and Fitness will be moving from their current location next door to Chelsea Lanes, across the street to the former Polly's store.
Sounds like that old grocery store of ours is going to be quite a busy place, what with the bike shop, scrapbook store and post office all moving in.

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