Friday, August 7, 2009

Do you have a great place for a movie location? Check in with Chelsea's Film Location Scout

A note from Chelsea's Volunteer Film Location Scout
Did you know that Chelsea has it's very own volunteer location scout? This person is the liaison between the City of Chelsea and the Michigan Film Office. The Michigan Film Office keeps a database of photos of locations for movie producers to view and consider for filming. We are in the process of gathering great photos of Chelsea to add to the Film Office’s database, and have recently been asked to focus on some specific types of locations for current and upcoming projects. Here’s what they’re looking for:
  • Beaches and shorelines (public or private)
  • Resorts (golf, and all inclusive vacation resorts)
  • Police Precincts
  • Jails or Prisons (all or a portion must not be in use. Functional jails are difficult to film in)
  • Unique Modern Buildings (must look futuristic)
  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodations
  • Isolated Cabins
  • Isolated Motels
  • Small Municipal Airports and Airstrips
  • Grocery Store (mom and pop, or large local stores willing to work with a film)
  • Tunnels (caves, tunnels, large storm drains, or underground waterways, etc.)
  • Churches (small rural, and large urban)
These locations are just the current focus. Overall they are looking for every type of location. The more pictures in their database, the more the opportunities there are to bring more movie business to Chelsea. Please note that private residences are kept as restricted access on the Film Office’s database. Information on your home will not be available for public access. If anyone is the private owner of one of these types of locations and would be interested in allowing a film crew in for a movie, please contact:

Susanne Vanden Bosch
Volunteer Film Location Scout for Chelsea

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