Thursday, March 13, 2008

Finding inspiration to get healthy (again)

I'm inspired. Perhaps it's a bit of spring fever now that the sun has reappeared, or perhaps it's a new year's resolution for someone with serious procrastination problems. Hate to say it, but I'm on a health kick. I often talk about the great places to shop and eat here in Chelsea, but as someone who lives here and is not just here visiting for a lovely afternoon, it's good to note that we have a great variety of health resources, too.

Here are a few I'm feeling enthusiastic about at the moment:
  • The Chelsea Farmer's Market will return in May (just a few weeks away!)
  • The Just Try Club is an online community group for people to share ideas, resources and workouts. I have met many helpful and supportive people both directly and indirectly through this group.
  • Waterloo Recreation Area - Did you know there are 47+ miles of hiking trails at our very own state park? I'll be spending a lot of time there once the frozen mud and slippery ice have safely retired for the season.
  • Walking Map of Chelsea - As I started typing about these maps, it started sounding vaguely familiar. So I browsed the archives of Things To Do In Chelsea and found this news brief from a couple years ago. And it's still good information to have:
Walking Maps of Chelsea Available
News Brief from Things To Do In Chelsea, May 2006

Thinking about getting in shape for the summer? Why not start by walking from Chelsea to Manchester? That is the basic premise behind the Healthy Communities Walking Program. You track your walking in increments of 15 minutes or 1 mile. As you record these small steps, they add up to total the distances from Chelsea to Dexter and Manchester, all the way up the U.P. Visit the Healthy Communities website for details and how to join.

Walking maps of Chelsea, Dexter and Manchester are available at many locations in town including the Chamber of Commerce, library, and city offices. Each map features routes of varying distances, with suggestions for where you might find water, restrooms, and places to rest. To download a PDF copy of the walking map visit the Healthy Communities Walking Program website. A large version of the walking map is also painted on the exterior wall of the Chelsea Market.
My current plan involves a major overhaul of my horrible diet that started around Halloween and kept going strong through Valentine's Day and beyond. I know a lot about healthy eating, and feel much better when I put that knowledge into practice. I'm also using the moral support and motivation from the JTC club to get out of my blogging chair and into the fresh air.

So, in terms I can really relate to, it's time to "reboot"!

Learn More
For more resources, see the Chelsea e-Directory and browse the Health category and the Recreation category. The directory can always use more additions, so if you see your favorites missing, be sure to add them or email me.

Last, but far from least
Oh and I couldn't write on this topic without mentioning Running Into the Sun. This is a blog from another local resident who has shared her journey from overweight and out of shape (like me!) to running like a fiend and *loving* it. You are a true inspiration, Sarah.


Sarah said...

Oh, my! Thank you so much for the kind words. I swear, spring is arriving just in the nick of time; I don't think I could handle one more day of treadmill running!

A word to the wise: watch out for uneven sidewalks, everyone!

Leslie said...

No ... thank YOU! :)

I know what you mean about the uneven sidewalks. My little son is learning how to ride his new Razor scooter and those cracks and bumps really jump out at ya!

(I'm very tempted to buy a grown up version of the scooter... looks like so much fun! LOL)