Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that it truly feels like the beginning of spring. (I know about the pending snow storm... let's just say I'm opting to pretend it doesn't exist.) It's also a good time to visit with extended family and enjoy a wonderful meal, without all the stress of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

My family has always celebrated Easter in the usual way. Easter baskets, the a.m. service at my parents' church, and a big celebratory meal. My mom is an excellent cook and we always look forward to the feast she prepares. (Except for that one year when I went out of town and she cooked a rabbit for Easter!!! With a chuckle, she claims it was partly to get a reaction out of me. It worked.)

My husband's Polish Catholic heritage brings many new Easter traditions to our family. We prepare kielbasa and a homemade babka (a breakfast cake) the night before to eat along with the colored Easter eggs. Needless to say, with TWO feasts in one day I need to pay special attention to the rest of the week if I'm to stay on track with my health goals. Let's hope the Easter Bunny brings candy that I'm not terribly fond of... like Peeps (ick).

Easter Events in Chelsea
Easter events in town this weekend:
If you are looking for a church service in Chelsea, please visit our Places To Worship page for a complete listing of churches in town.

Other Weekend Events
Check out the other events in Chelsea this weekend, including classes at the Middle Bead and the Garden Mill, and music at Pierce's Pastries.


Leslie said...

UPDATE - Due to the snow storm, the Easter Egg Hunt at the Chelsea Retirement Community was cancelled. Presumably, the one at the Chelsea Comfort Inn on Sunday will take place indoors.

Mazenbloo said...

Happy Easter to you and yours!! Miss you guys terribly!